Turkey is placed in the best possible geographical position for viniculture. The grape family of Vitis Vinifera accommodates almost all grapes which can be used in wine making. Among the 1100 types of grapes in Turkey, 34 types are suited for wine making; 12 out of these are from foreign origin and 22 are native grapes.

The geographical position of Turkey, in particular Central Anatolia, the Aegean Region, and the South Mediterranean Regions, makes it an excellent location for viniculture and especially for ecological wine making. For instance, the regional wine of Central Anatolia Kalecik Karasi is considered to have a distinctive flavour compared to other wines due to the local day and night temperature differences and some other climate and site specifications. As a consequence, it is in great demand and has achieved a high standard in national and international wine tasting trade fairs.


Boğazkere (red): Big, muscular, tannic wines that age well, often blended with Öküzgözü.

Öküzgözü (red): Intense, fleshy wines, often blended with Boğazkere to give a softer edge.

Narince (white): Fresh-tasting, bone-dry, lemony wines.